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Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at
Mon Nov 11 18:20:30 EST 2002

Hi Erik,

Too soon to say. The keypad problem limits its usefulness right
now, so I have only been cruising up and down menus and examining
the choices etcetera.

One nice thing about the X window system though is that you have
a large number of choices of "Window Managers" you might run,
some of which are look alikes for MS Windows and others are quite
different. Gnome and Gnopernicus do not limit you to any
particular Window Manager. The Gnopernicus developers recommend
starting with either "sawfish" or "metacity" but I do not have a
feel yet for how they function.

This stuff is way too new to be useful right now, at least my
implementation is. But it is like the proverbial talking dog: the
amazing thing is not how well it talks, but that it talks at all.


On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Erik Heil wrote:

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> Hi there.  Have you gotten a chance to experiment with any of the Gnome UI?
> If so, what is it like?  Similar to Winblows or MacOS X?  i've heard
> concepts such as multiple workspaces, and that one can have multiple
> desktops within them, but I don't have any notion of them or what to compare
> them too.

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