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Hi there.  Have you gotten a chance to experiment with any of the Gnome UI?
If so, what is it like?  Similar to Winblows or MacOS X?  i've heard
concepts such as multiple workspaces, and that one can have multiple
desktops within them, but I don't have any notion of them or what to compare
them too.

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> I thought you might like to know that I have succeeded in getting
> Gnopernicus and Festival working with the Gnome Desktop version
> 2.1 today. It remains to be seen how useful it is, but at least
> it is talking and that's half the battle.
> The keymap for speakup seems to persist into the Gnome Desktop
> environment, and that is the biggest problem right now.
> Gnopernicus would also like to use the numeric keypad to navigate
> with, but speakup still owns it even when Gnome is running.
> I will be preparing a howto on the installation of all this stuff
> for Slackware users. Other howto's exist for Debian users.
> Chuck
> PS -- Please also note my new email address if you wish to
> contact me directly.
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