Cursor Positioning

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Mon Nov 4 20:44:10 EST 2002

Ncurses uses the move function either by itself or inconjunction with
another function such as mvprintw() to place the cursor where it is
going to write on the screen.  If a package parks the cursor and
writes into a screen buffer it then copies into place with refresh()
then it looks like the cursor never moved.  The only way to have the
cursor show up where you want it to be is to put it there.  I wrote
the patches for make menuconfig to do cursor tracking.  I also wrote
the patches to make the newton library track.  It is just a matter of
brute force code patching to get it to work correctly and then
convince the packages author he wants/needs the patches.  the
convincing part isn't really that difficult if you've done all the
work for them.



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