making trn do authenticated news?

Buddy Brannan davros at
Sat Nov 2 01:52:47 EST 2002

Put a file something like this in .trn/access (in your home dir)
least...this works for me. Dunno how to do it globally:
NNTP Server =
Auth User = res1g2qc
Auth Password = didyouthinkidleaveitin
Force Auth = yes
# This section tells trn what newsrc groups you want to use.  If you
# define multiple entries with the same group number, all of the .newsrcs
# are combined and used together.  The first entry encountered will be
# the first group that trn will open.  Otherwise the numbers dictate the
# presentation order (see Ctrl-N and Ctrl-P).  You can have multiple
# .newsrc's from the same server or different servers, however you like.
# The ID name "default" always exists with your compiled-in defaults.

# If you leave off the newsrc name, the default is supplied.  If you
# don't want any groups added to an rc, specify "no" in the "Add Groups"
# field.  If you don't want new-group checking but want to manually
# add groups, specify "manual".  The default is "yes".

#[Group 1]
#ID = local
#Newsrc = ~/.newsrc
#Add Groups = YES
[Group 1]
ID = newsserver
Newsrc = ~/.newsrc
Add Groups = YES


Add aditional entries as appropriate.
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