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Hmmm... Well, both are usable. Lilo verses Grub is more a personal issue
rather than an accessible one.
Neither boot loader is that dificult when instructed on how to use them, and
if Linux resides as the only os on the system it is likely you may only have
one partition to boot.
However, perhaps starting out with lilo won't be a bad choice seeing the
number of familiar users. Grub is new, and not a lot of blind Linux users
have switched to it.

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> Let me raise a somewhat more thorny issue here. This topic came up for us
> this morning because a newbie was asking for advice.
> If, as I think we've just established, grub is less accessible than lilo,
> might I suggest that it is inappropriate to recommend the less accessible
> option to a newbie. And, if it is appropriate to recommend it, isn't it an
> ethical responsibility to advise about the accessibility concerns and the
> existence of a more accessible option? I believe this is the
> responsibility of those of us with a bit more knowledge and experience.
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