Ed Barnes ed.barnes at
Sat Mar 2 03:28:43 EST 2002

Hi Iger, I have Nero as well and I use it mostly for copying cds as I find 
it does that much better than does Adaptech however I have never figured 
how to make single mode or mixed mode cds by creating a cd layout as you 
are describing as I too find the Nero file browser to be inaccessible.
Sorry I am unable to be of more assistance.
Good luck and let me know how you get on and what the solution to your 
problem is when you find one.
Ed Barnes
    At 06:55 PM 28/02/2002, you wrote:
>Hi Alex. Thanks for the info about Nero, at least I'm pretty sure it was 
>you who told me about it. Anyway, I can't seem to figure out how to add 
>files in the file browser. I pressed the left-mouse button on the speakup 
>archive, and an edit box came up. Then I just hit enter. Has the file been 
>added. I can't really tell. Also, how do you record the files to the Cd? I 
>tried recorder/save tracks, and I got an error saying that the medium was 
>empty. If anyone knows how to do the above functions, please let me know. 
>Thanks for all the help so far its been great!
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