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Sat Jan 12 01:22:49 EST 2002

Hi, I never heard about that method before. I'll have to try it.

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> On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Thomas Ward wrote:
> > For example while in pine it reads the prier email subject and then the
> > current one. I'd much rather see that quark be fixed rather than search
> > features, exception dictionaries, etc.
> I assume this is when you arrow or use n and p to move through the index,
> but you didn't say so I'm having to guess here.  This is because pine is
> defaulted to show the selected message in a different type to all the
> others, and thus it has to rewrite the prior entry before highlighting the
> new one.  This is a common problem in many applications.
> As an aside, I have "assume slow link" on which doesn't use such
> highlighting, it just uses a greaterthan symbol to point out the current
> message.  Although, if you're relying on prev and next to give you the
> subject, this won't help you as it doesn't have to reprint the subject
> anymore.  This doesn't personally bother me as I use speakup's reviewkeys
> to read the index and just enter the message number of the message I want
> (made easier with enable jump shortcut).
> Geoff.
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