How do I repartition my hard drive in windows xp?

Thomas Ward tward at
Mon Feb 18 18:37:57 EST 2002

Hi, I have a couple of suggestions for you. The best thing to do if you
don't mind spending money is to get a program called Partition Magic.
Partition magic will allow you to shrink existing partition without damaging
your data, and also can multiboot Windows and Linux if you want it to.
Howaever, caution here. I am not sure of Windows XP is supported yet. After
all XP is just out and many programs haven't gotten updated to XP yet.

Screen is a nice program which allows you to open multiple virtual terminals
on one terminal session. As far as I know the maximum is 10.
You can run screen, open Emacs, then press ctrl+a c and be in another
terminal,and open links. If you need another screen open press ctrl+a c and
open another one.  To get back to an open screen press ctrl+a and the number
of the screen. It is sort of like the Windows Task List. It allows you to
have multiple programs running at once in one terminal.
Screader is a screen reader for Linux, but is majorly out of date. I don't
think there has been any updates to it for a long long time. Also the author
of Screader has vanished from the internet, and I personally haven't seen or
heard from him on the internet in a long time.

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Hi listers.

I did what one user suggested and looked in disk  managment, and after no
luck, looked in help.  It said I have to clic on some free space on the
drive or something of the sort.  I tried it's command line interface, but
that said it ddidn't understand the argument., and I hade written them as
they they were on the help screen.  Also, I just remember reading something
about some probrams called screen and screader.  Can someone explain those
programs and just give me an understanding of exactly what they are?

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