How do I repartition my hard drive in windows xp?

Ameer Armaly Ameer_Armaly at
Mon Feb 18 20:08:22 EST 2002

Thanks a lot.  I'll keep an eye out.  I might spend money if I get enough
birthday money (it's soon).
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> Hi, I have a couple of suggestions for you. The best thing to do if you
> don't mind spending money is to get a program called Partition Magic.
> Partition magic will allow you to shrink existing partition without
> your data, and also can multiboot Windows and Linux if you want it to.
> Howaever, caution here. I am not sure of Windows XP is supported yet.
> all XP is just out and many programs haven't gotten updated to XP yet.
> Screen is a nice program which allows you to open multiple virtual
> on one terminal session. As far as I know the maximum is 10.
> You can run screen, open Emacs, then press ctrl+a c and be in another
> terminal,and open links. If you need another screen open press ctrl+a c
> open another one.  To get back to an open screen press ctrl+a and the
> of the screen. It is sort of like the Windows Task List. It allows you to
> have multiple programs running at once in one terminal.
> Screader is a screen reader for Linux, but is majorly out of date. I don't
> think there has been any updates to it for a long long time. Also the
> of Screader has vanished from the internet, and I personally haven't seen
> heard from him on the internet in a long time.
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> Subject: How do I repartition my hard drive in windows xp?
> Hi listers.
> I did what one user suggested and looked in disk  managment, and after no
> luck, looked in help.  It said I have to clic on some free space on the
> drive or something of the sort.  I tried it's command line interface, but
> that said it ddidn't understand the argument., and I hade written them as
> they they were on the help screen.  Also, I just remember reading
> about some probrams called screen and screader.  Can someone explain those
> programs and just give me an understanding of exactly what they are?
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