Rawrite question

Monty Lilburn monty at bc.cx
Thu Feb 14 12:13:43 EST 2002

Hi Keith,

I've had strange behaviour from different rawrite versions.  Version 1.3
seams to work for me.

Try typing it all on the command line:

c:\> rawrite13 dtlkb.bin a:

If that still doesn't work, re-aquire rawrite and dtlkb.bin and check that
the file attributes only have the archive bit set.


On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Keith H. wrote:

>Here's my question. I have a copy of RedHat6.1, not SpeakUp ready. I got the
>disk images I need from the SpeakUp download pages to try to run it in a
>new, blank hard drive partition. So far so good.
>When I run rawrite and it asks for the location of the source file, it stops
>running and tells me there is no such file or folder.


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