Rawrite question

Keith H. keithh432 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 15 00:54:56 EST 2002

I'm still messing with trying to get this to work.  I checked the version
and it is rawrite 1.3

I tried doingit all at the command line and got a different error. Don't
remember what it was but rawrite wouldn't work anymore after that.  I'll try
what you said and re acquire it.

I got rawrite right from the RedHat CD ROM. I'll try it again, unless you
know of another source to download it from.

The archive bit was the only thing set.

I'd try a different version of RedHat, or even a different distro of Linux
but I already have these CD's in hand and it beats trying a monster download
on a slow conection.  If worse comes to worse, I could have my son read the
setup screens to set it up.  I'd rather have it speak to me so I can do it
myself though.

I'll keep plugging away at it.

thanks for the info so far.

Keith H.

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