serious error condition

Charles Hallenbeck hallenbeck at
Sun Feb 10 18:38:29 EST 2002

Hi gang,

If anyone recognizes these error statements, I would sure
appreciate a tip as to where to look to correct it:
tdb_store failed: Success
tdb_store failed: Corrupt database

These errors appear intermixed with normal messages from the
"ppp-go" and "ppp-off" processes. The first one is the most
numerous one to appear, but once the second one appears, I am in
deep trouble. Typically when I shut down my dialup connection
with ppp-off, if the "corrupt database" version appears, I cannot
connect again, and continuing to attempt it will crash my system.
The kernel cannot handle page requests, ending with a kernel
panic trying to kill init.

Here is how it all began this afternoon (no snickers please):

I put a winmodem in my system, a PCI device for which I had the
manufacturer's recommended Linux driver, adapted from the collection, according to the specs. The driver
compiled okay and installed okay, and after adjusting my connect
script, options file, and the /dev/modem symbolic link, the modem
at first appeared to work successfully. I actually dialed out
with it and handled some email, visited the web, listened to an
audio stream, all those good things, no problem. Then I put the
link down and the above messages appeared for the first time. Now
they appear when I dial up and when I take it down both. I have
of course removed the winmodem and undid all the installation
crap and am now once again using my external modem, but the same
errors still appear. I find no reference to "tdb_store" with grep
in any of the driver source files, I have read the docs carefully
with no reference to any such thing, and now that the drivers are
history and the errors persist, I have to assume they are kernel
errors from some subterranean source.

I am really stymied now. My immediate goal is to restore this
system to good health, screw the Winmodem! It was just a test of
the drivers for a friend anyway.

Distro=Slackware 8.0; kernel=2.4.5; this has been a rock solid
system for months until my adventure this afternoon.

Thanks for any tips - Chuck

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