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Frank Carmickle frankiec at
Mon Feb 11 02:26:51 EST 2002

Hi Igor

I am currently working on debian boot_floppies for woody.  The set I have
works ok.  Not great however.  They get the job done.  I will be spending
some more time on this sometime in the not to distant future but it maybe
a few weeks.  

I am no longer going to be making the standard iso's.  It's a lot of work
and it isn't worth it to most people.  You can get what ever disks you
want off of the mirrors like you are doing.  So I am going to make the
mini.iso that has been sort of appearing here and there.  I currently have
a very broken one of those.  As soon as I get that working then you should
be able to install pretty much any distribution from potato to sid with
out any troubles.  The mini iso will be about 32mb.  Currently there are 6
drivers disks.  

It is very hard to keep up with the boot _floppies folks.  There are lots
of changes all the time.  To make things even work takes a bit of
effort.  I'm sorry that there hasn't been an update since this past March
but there hasn't been a Debian update either.  My goal is to have a set of
boot disks and or a mini iso that people can install any of the debian
distros from.  We will have this sometime soonish.

     Frank Carmickle
phone:     412 761-9568
email:     frankiec at

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