Questions - Speakup w/Accent-SA & VIAVOICE

Frank Carmickle frankiec at
Mon Feb 4 16:33:37 EST 2002

Hi Monty

I don't know why your having this trouble.  I am running with speakup 1.0
on 2.4.12 with out any glitches.  My accentsa is very very fast.  When I
hit the 2 on the keypad it tells me very quickly what the char is at my
current pos.  You may want to look at the value of trigger_time in
/proc/speakup/acntsa.  20 is about the right value.

If you disconnect your accent or turn it off for some reason just allow
speakups buffer to fill up by using some review functions.  After a bit it
will time out.  Then you can turn the accent on again and then press
insert enter on the numpad.  This will reinitialize speakup.  However at
the current time it doesn't check to see what the setting in /proc are so
it will initialize back to the hardcoded defaults in the driver.  

Kirk has no desire to write a driver that supports a software synth that
isn't covered under the gpl.  This includes obviously the viavoice tts.

Welcome to the list.

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