Questions - Speakup w/Accent-SA & VIAVOICE

Monty Lilburn monty at
Mon Feb 4 15:42:00 EST 2002

Hi all,

I am using Speakup V1.0 with V2.4.18-pre2 of the kernel and the Accent SA
synthesizer.  I do not exclusively use speakup, it is primarily used only
when I need to access my main linux console, though I hope to use it more
as it develops!

The problem I am experiencing is that my Accent-SA is not very responsive
at times.  It is very fast/responsive when I input commands such as
Insert+numpad-enter (to turn it on/off), when I have it read the entire
screen (numpad+plus-sign), or when it is reading my Bash prompt.  Where it
has problems with responsivness is when I use the screen review keys on
the numpad such as numpad+2, or numpad+8.  Basically I hit the numpad+2,
then the synthesizer will take a couple of seconds to respond with the
information.  This is slightly perplexing  because some speakup commands
process immediately.  I know that the Accent Sa is capable of very quick
response as it's quite good with the Vocal Eyes Accent driver as well as
the driver used with Jaws, so I am thinking either I have something
configured wrong, or there is a glitch with the speakup Accent code...  Is
anyone else having this problem, or does anyone know how to improve it?

My second question has to do with re-initializing the synthesizer after
the kernel has booted.  Just after my kernel begins to load, Speakup loads
and I hear "Accent Ready" from my Accent-SA.  I have noticed that if my
Accent-SA gets turned off or looses power after my Kernel has fully
booted, that Speakup gets out of sink with the Accent causing poor
response all of the time, the inability to silence the speach (with the
controle key) and factory default speach settings.  Is there a Speakup
command which will issue a synthesizer initialization  after the kernel
has booted?

My third question has to do with Speakup and the IBM ViaVoice TTS speach
engine.  Is it possible or will it soon to be possible to use it with
Speakup?  I've tetsted it's demos and its response time is very nice when
run on a system that is 950 MHZ and 512 mb of ram.




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