Who wants to compile the talking checkbook code for Linux?

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Thu Feb 7 10:00:01 EST 2002


It's not the same at all. Unlike Windows, X, and unix apps in general, are 
socketed and therefore rather modular. A useful way to think of this might 
be to remember the bad old days of nonsocketed telephones, when you needed 
a guy with pliers and a drill to install an extension telephone upstairs. 
Of course, there's still a need for that guy at some point today. The 
difference is that today that guy installs an RJ11 jack, and your phone, 
therefore, is not hard-wired, but scketed. Big difference.
 On Thu, 7 Feb 
2002, charles crawford wrote:

> 	I found it interesting to hear about putting a text based front
> end to an X application.  Sounds alot like Windows.  It would be a real
> problem if we are to be forced into having to re-write programs to make
> them text based.
> -- Charlie.
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