So much Windows Mailer crap on this list...

Brian Borowski brianb at
Fri Feb 1 13:58:35 EST 2002

I'll mix my reply with yours to address the relevant points:

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Kirk Wood wrote:

> I have several things to say about the whole thing. The first is that if
> you find 3 lines of information that bothersome, you should consult your
> doctor about this. Perhaps with some counseling and pills you can get your
> anger in check. Get for f__ real. I am not sure why my pine doesn't
> display a bunch of tags. It rarely does and it is version 4.21.
I'm not angry about the problem, just commenting about it; I or anyone else
on this list does have that right, and I'll use it.  If I have to see three
lines of stuff a few times while checking some mail, that's not a problem,
but it becomes one, when it is many messages, and when people can make
simple changes to eliminate the stuff.  Besides which, health care is
expensive these days, and we're getting concerned about that over here...
> The second thing I wonder is when did Kirk R die? Why the hell do we have
> people who can't configure their GD computers making demands? How the hell
> do you know that people aren't in the process of converting? How the hell
> do you know that someone posting from a windows machine is not stuck using
> their company computer?
I can't figure out what on earth Kirk R has to do with this, any so perhaps
you could shed more light on that one?  Company computers are reasonable,
but if someone really hasn't made the transition after a year or so, then
you'd wonder if it's ever going to happen.  Of course, I'll know if they
have changed to a linux host, when there's less crap in the messages being
sent by them.

> Here is a suggestion: help those who bother you or shut the hell up! Write
That suggestion also just as easily applies to yourself.  I certainly
intend to exercise my right to speak on the linst, and will do so
regardless of what you or anyone else has to say about it.  There have been
suggestions already as to what people can do to change settings in outlook,
something I don't know much about, but had I not commented, these
suggestions would probably have not been made by those in the know.  From
my limited experience in poking around in outlook, it's not a complicated
procedure to go into settings and make adjustments, and I have faith that
many of those who can send/receive mail, and do the other things they do in
windows can manage this.  Why, now that I think of it, you're quite
knowledgeable in the use of windows and accompanying utilities, how about
some insight there, yourself?

> to the offender (privately) and explain your beef. When you see the
> occasional messge about character set just skip the next 32 lines. If you
> are above moron level you already know what they are on.
Which, I do, that is skip...

Brian Borowski

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