installing redhat on second hd

Jason Symes jsymes at
Wed Aug 28 15:34:21 EDT 2002

Hi all. Its been awhile since I've been on, but I've finally gotten the
courage to download the iso images for redhat 8.0 with speakup. I really
want to learn how to use linux real bad, but I'm afraid of damaging windows
somehow, so I've decided to install redhat on a second hd I've got, pulling
it out if my pc should start throwing sparks or something. (Not that I
expect linux to do this to my pc, but more that this pc's been really
touchy and tempermental for awhile). This hd's completely empty, so leaving
fat32 isn't necessarily a big concern or anything, but I just wanna know if
I can install to another hd and how it would work?
P.S. I've gotta learn redhat for a class next year, so I'd kinda like to
get a head's up on the rest of my college buddies.
Thanks a bunch for listening to a windows flunky yammer on about his
nervous tendencies.

Jason Symes
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