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Tue Aug 20 09:48:45 EDT 2002

Ah, of course. I had forgotten that.

So, let me amend my rant.

Once you have Linux installed and working, you can use this keymap to get 
JFW-style screen review. 

Of course, the question is whether this mapping still works. We've changed 
mappings in the past year, though I'm no expert on the implications, if 

End of amendment. The rest of the rant stands.

On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Patrick Turnage wrote:

> Hi
> There is a jfw key map up on the site at
> as I am a asap user I love the fact that Kirk used that as a model for the
> speakup commands..
> Larry's keypad layout allways made more since to me than the jfw keyboard
> layoutfor reviewing..
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