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To see if you are actually connected you could do a ping of
their system.
just type 
substitute with the actual name of your provider.
You will get a series of responses back if you are actually
Do a Control-c to stop the pings.

You can transfer to their site by typing

again substitute your ISP for
If your ISP runs a special shell then they will give you the
exact name but it might be something like
You'll be asked for your ID and password so have those

Once in you will either get a menu or a prompt from their
If you only get a prompt you can browse the internet by

then enter

if you want to view your mail on their system type

then enter

If you are running a full version of linux then you can try
to type
at your command line and if you have it installed, a good
chance you do, then you will be able to surf the web from
your own system.
If you can use pine on their system do so for a bit, while
you readup on fetchmail and then later set up your own
system to get your mail from the ISP and keep the mail on
your own computer.


Anna Schneider wrote:
> Okay, so I've added ppp to my user name, and got a new password for my ppp
> connection with my provider.  All good.  I dial in and everything goes,
> there are no error messages as far as I can tell, and then it finishes and
> I have my own system's prompt sitting there, and not that for my internet
> provider.  The modem hasn't disconnected or anything, there aren't any
> failed and trying again messages, just my system's prompt instead of my
> provider's.  Does this make any sense?  I don't know what to do now.  Hoe
> canI access pine on my provider's system for example if I don't get its
> prompt?
> I don't know if the comments in the set up instruction from Drizzle about
> using Pap or Chap, or about server and YP name are relevant or not.  I
> could resend that message if people liked.
> Thanks.
> Anna

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