Zipspeak not speaking.

Ralph W. Reid III rreid at
Mon Aug 5 12:36:36 EDT 2002

Zipspeak does not start talking when I boot it up.  Some sort of
kernel does seem to load because I can log in as root and
successfully run `reboot' (no speech is produced at any time during
this process).  I am currently using the MS-DOS 6.22 system as a
terminal for a Linux box, but I wouldd like to get Zipspeak running
on the DOS system for some small projects.  Here is the beginning of
the LINUX.BAT file I have been using to try to get Zipspeak going:

===============================cut here===============================

@echo off
rem ZipSpeak version 8.0
rem Copyright (C) 2001, Saqib Shaikh
rem under the terms of the GNU GPL
rem Email ss at
rem Web site

rem You must edit the following line to represent your system

\loadlin\loadlin \linux\vmlinuz root=/dev/hda1 speakup_synth=acntpc rw

===============================cut here===============================

The hardware here is a 486DX2-66 with 8MB of RAM, monochrome monitor,
Accent PC internal speech synthesizer, parallel printer port, serial
port, 33.6KBPS FAX MODEM, and a sound card (A4sound, I think).

I have been able to get speech working by booting with a full,
Speakup version of Slackware and using the swap file included with
Zipspeak, but I am not quite ready to wipe DOS out and go to an all
Linux system yet.  I would like to be able to run a couple of small
concurrent jobs, but I need to get this thing talking under Zipslack
before I can try running much of anything.  Any reasonable
suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks.

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