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Thu Aug 1 07:40:23 EDT 2002

Well, I just figured out how to do this last week, so it's fresh in my

Go to the sign up page of paypal in one console and have another
console standing by.  Do a backslash command to bring up the source to
the sign up page and search for secret.  This will be embedded in a
javascript pop-up tag.  As part of that tag there is a tag identifier
which starts out voice=.  It looks like it always starts out with
' and then the line breaks and there's a wrap
around on the beginning of the next line starting with the plus '+'
character.  I mark on the first character after the plus and move to
the closing tick ' and cut on the character just to the left.  Now
move over to the next console and type in:

lynx -dump and paste the cut-and-paste buffer onto
the end followed by >secret.wav thusly:

lynx -dump >secret.wav

That will create a wave file you can play with play or whatever.  The
file contains a synthetic voice reading a number/letter code which you
must fill-in on the secret code form line.

Now go back over to the console with the sign-up source page and do
another backslash to revert it to a web page and fill it out.  You
must fill the form out after you get the file or you'll lose
everything you filled in previously.  The form is a bit futsy to
figure out but not bad with a couple of run throughs.  I figured it
out finally to learn I had to go back and figure out how to fill out
the international form.  I got lots of practice.

This whole process took me a few days to figure out because I found it
overwhelming and frustrating.  In retrospect it isn't to bad, but
nothing is once you've figured it out. 'grin'  Anyway, good luck and
let us know how it goes.  Maybe you can write some more clear
instructions once you've worked through it.



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