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Janina Sajka janina at
Mon Dec 31 11:34:47 EST 2001

Hi, Chuck:

Actually, you haven't given us enough information about yourself to let us
really advise you well. For example, do you have any experience using any
kind of unix? Did you use a shell account at one time? Where you once a
DOS user, or is all of your experience in Windows? Also, have you only the
one computer, or do you have a second computer and/or a device like a
Braille 'N Speak. Do you use some kind of refreshable braille display?  
If so, which one? Are you experienced in system installation and
configuration, even if it's only Windows? Or, are you an end user of
applications like mail and web browsers?''

Without this kind of information it's hard to tell you either to return
the Suse, or to go ahead and crack it open. Please recognize that you did
not ask us how to get linux working with speech. You have already made
some decisions, so our natural response will be to honor your perogative
to make decisions for yourself, even if they might not seem to be
particularly good decisions. In other words, how and why did you choose
Suse? Do you actually know what you're doing? Or was that some kind of
stab in the dark?

Having said this, let me now take up your questions:

On Mon, 31 Dec 2001, Chuck Kyle wrote:

> Greetings,
>     I am a JAWS user with a Gateway Celeron and usb connections. I have purchased a SUSE LINUX software package. I would appreciate answers to these questions:
>     1. When will Tuxtalk be available?
JS: Maybe never, and almost certainly not in 2002;

>     2. What is the general price range for a hardware synthesizer?
JS: Anywhere from around $270 to around $1,200.

>     3. Does this software help solve installation probvlems?
JS: What software? It's hard to believe you're referring to Suse linux 
when you say "this software;"

>     4. What synthesizer will connect properly with my system?
JS: USB connections are not currently supported. You need a serial speech 
synthesizer. Here's the current list of synths supported by Speakup:

            Accent SA                               ACNTSA
            Accent PC                               ACNTPC
            Apollo                                  APOLO
            Audaptor                                AUDPTR
            All Blazie products                     BNS
            DEC Talk Express                        DECTLK
            DEC Talk External                       DECEXT
            Doubletalk internal (isa card)          DTLK
            External, serial Litetalk or Doubletalk LTLK
            Speak Out                               SPKOUT
            Artic Transport                         TXPRT

>     5. Would I be better off to first try zipspeak?
JS: Very possibly. But, you'll still need a hardware synth.

>     PS: I have not unwrapped the package yet so I can see your answers. Chuck Kyle
JS: I don't understand this PS at all. What does the shrinkwrap on the 
Suse have to do with "seeing" our answers? Do you mean you are planning to 
blow away your Windows installation when you install linux? Not that we're 
against deleting Wi9ndows from computers, but this might seem a bit 
drastic to many of us.


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