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Mon Dec 31 15:44:21 EST 2001

One correction, Janina.

JS: USB connections are not currently supported. You need a serial speech
synthesizer. Here's the current list of synths supported by Speakup:

"A friend and I have been able to use a usb to serial convertion cable to
rout our Dectalk's and Braille n Speaks through a usb port under Red Hat
7.2, and it has worked fine with Speakup.
Although the synths are serial it is possible to rout them through U
SB ports if necessary.

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> Hi, Chuck:
> Actually, you haven't given us enough information about yourself to let us
> really advise you well. For example, do you have any experience using any
> kind of unix? Did you use a shell account at one time? Where you once a
> DOS user, or is all of your experience in Windows? Also, have you only the
> one computer, or do you have a second computer and/or a device like a
> Braille 'N Speak. Do you use some kind of refreshable braille display?
> If so, which one? Are you experienced in system installation and
> configuration, even if it's only Windows? Or, are you an end user of
> applications like mail and web browsers?''
> Without this kind of information it's hard to tell you either to return
> the Suse, or to go ahead and crack it open. Please recognize that you did
> not ask us how to get linux working with speech. You have already made
> some decisions, so our natural response will be to honor your perogative
> to make decisions for yourself, even if they might not seem to be
> particularly good decisions. In other words, how and why did you choose
> Suse? Do you actually know what you're doing? Or was that some kind of
> stab in the dark?
> Having said this, let me now take up your questions:
> On Mon, 31 Dec 2001, Chuck Kyle wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >     I am a JAWS user with a Gateway Celeron and usb connections. I have
purchased a SUSE LINUX software package. I would appreciate answers to these
> >     1. When will Tuxtalk be available?
> JS: Maybe never, and almost certainly not in 2002;
> >     2. What is the general price range for a hardware synthesizer?
> JS: Anywhere from around $270 to around $1,200.
> >     3. Does this software help solve installation probvlems?
> JS: What software? It's hard to believe you're referring to Suse linux
> when you say "this software;"
> >     4. What synthesizer will connect properly with my system?
> JS: USB connections are not currently supported. You need a serial speech
> synthesizer. Here's the current list of synths supported by Speakup:
>             Accent SA                               ACNTSA
>             Accent PC                               ACNTPC
>             Apollo                                  APOLO
>             Audaptor                                AUDPTR
>             All Blazie products                     BNS
>             DEC Talk Express                        DECTLK
>             DEC Talk External                       DECEXT
>             Doubletalk internal (isa card)          DTLK
>             External, serial Litetalk or Doubletalk LTLK
>             Speak Out                               SPKOUT
>             Artic Transport                         TXPRT
> >     5. Would I be better off to first try zipspeak?
> JS: Very possibly. But, you'll still need a hardware synth.
> >
> >     PS: I have not unwrapped the package yet so I can see your answers.
Chuck Kyle
> JS: I don't understand this PS at all. What does the shrinkwrap on the
> Suse have to do with "seeing" our answers? Do you mean you are planning to
> blow away your Windows installation when you install linux? Not that we're
> against deleting Wi9ndows from computers, but this might seem a bit
> drastic to many of us.
> >
> >
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