pentium 100 woes.

Shaun Oliver shauno at
Thu Dec 27 04:54:49 EST 2001

hi guys,
I just recently aquired a pentium 100 to turn into a linux box.
my problem is however,
I cannot get the machinte to boot first time every time.
would anyone have any idea as to why this is?
just to give a quick background,
I have a 2Gb hard drive as my primary drive which has my root filesystem
mounted on it as well as a 165Mb swap partition.
my /usr/local and /home directories are mounted on my second drive which
is a 4Gb broken up into 3 partitions.
and the 3rd partition on that drive is a fat32 partition.
my question is, would I need to add a line to my lilo.conf to tell my
machine to use lba support or is the problem more serious than that?
I have found that after much swearing and at the very least 10 reboots, I
get linux to come up.
thanks in advance for any help

Shaun Oliver

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