Major problem with Speakup.

Kirk Wood cpt.kirk at
Fri Aug 17 08:46:20 EDT 2001

WEll things may not b done simply cause Kirk (the other one) is doing all
of this on his own time for no money. Send him enough and he might be
quiet happy to provide all kinds of service.

As for a way around the situation there is a simple one. Download all you
need from a computer that has an internet connection. Then transfer the
data. (You did leave a means for data tranfer didn't you?) I find it hard
to believe nobody has a CD burner that you know of.  In fact, probably
someone has a high speed connection and a burner and would do it for the
cost of the disk. Ask your friends.

The download need not occur on a linux machine. I have downloaded many a
file from a windows machine then tranfered to my linux machine. Just
transfer in binary mode.

Kirk Wood
Cpt.Kirk at

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