Saqib Shaikh saqib at saqib-shaikh.freeserve.co.uk
Wed May 31 14:37:53 EDT 2000

with matt campbells help i have got speakup up and running! 
however, now i find that all the screen oriented programs i wish to 
use are very speech unfriendly. for example, i wished to use an 
editor, such as vi or emacs and found that when going up and down 
lines or left and right the text was not spoken. also, i wished to use 
cfdisk as i found fdisk hard to use, but found cfdisk very unfriendly. 
then,  i wished to use the pkgtool utility, and again the menus were 
not read! i think that speakup is a good screen reader; probably the 
best available, but it is just like th early days of windows access 
where you can't use any of the programs you wish to use but 
instead have to find blind friendly alternatives which are unheard of 
by your sighted friends. am i wrong in my asumptions? so far i 
have done some user management and played around with files 
(copying, deleting, etc) but nothing interesting! regards, saqib 

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