newer load_spk-0.8.tar.gz

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Tue May 30 18:27:46 EDT 2000

Hi Jacob:  We changed it to /usr/bin because we tend to use debian
which doesn't use the /usr/local tree very much.  /usr/local once had
a purpose which was to place things which you were installing on a
machine which hosted hundreds or thousands of users, in a place to
indicate this was local to this machine only.  We don't need that tree
really anymore because most linux boxes are totally local themselves.
Why have extra directories you don't need to look through when
starting a command.

I will look into including the entire voice range for doubletalk if we
don't already.  I thought we did.

Loadspeak has had direct synth support since about v-0.3.  The command
is direct=.  Imagine that!



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