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Jacob Schmude jacobs at
Tue May 30 17:42:47 EDT 2000

	Kirk, why would it not be set to /usr/local? Usually that's where
these sort of programs go. Local software goes in /usr/local, normally,
and I consider that local software. I know you can change it, I'm just
curious as to why it was set back to /usr/bin.
	Also, I've got a feature request for loadspk regarding the
doubletalks. Can you make all 8 voices avaiilable instead of just 5 of
them? How about a way to send a direct command to the synth for features
loadspk can't support (if anything loadspk can't support exists)?

On Tue, 30 May 2000 ed at wrote:

> > Seems to me there is another slight bug fix in there as well, but I
> > can't remember what it is.
> That would be dumpspk's misquoting of the backslash character..
> 'cvs log loadspeak' is a nice feature, you know.  *grin*
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