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Jacob Schmude jacobs at
Tue May 30 19:14:31 EDT 2000

	Thanks for the info. I tend to still use /usr/local to indicate
which software I have installed as opposed to which software was installed
by packages. It's a personal preference.
	Thanks for the direct command, I didn't know that. Now I can play
with my doubletalk more. Any way to send an exception dictionary to the
synth for example, to speak spanish? I don't speak spanish, but it's fun
to play with it.

On 30 May 2000, Kirk Reiser wrote:

> Hi Jacob:  We changed it to /usr/bin because we tend to use debian
> which doesn't use the /usr/local tree very much.  /usr/local once had
> a purpose which was to place things which you were installing on a
> machine which hosted hundreds or thousands of users, in a place to
> indicate this was local to this machine only.  We don't need that tree
> really anymore because most linux boxes are totally local themselves.
> Why have extra directories you don't need to look through when
> starting a command.
> I will look into including the entire voice range for doubletalk if we
> don't already.  I thought we did.
> Loadspeak has had direct synth support since about v-0.3.  The command
> is direct=.  Imagine that!
>   Kirk
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