Speech-friendly Lynx configuration

ddunfee.. ddunfee at city-net.com
Thu May 25 22:29:01 EDT 2000


because the lynx.cfg is a text file, it should be easy to do a batch file
that allows the user to choose options.   the choice could then be appended
to the end of the lynx.cfg file.   each item should be discussed in detail
to assist the choice.   for example, if one chooses numbered links, the
option of using the number pad as navigation keys is lost.   i like this
option because it puts web and page navigation in one place for the right
hand alone and i don't like the aditional chatter of numbered links.

you might also consider using an alias to start lynx.  there are several
items which can be chosen from the command line at start up.  these too
might be chosen using a configuration batch file or shell script.  an
example of this is the number of web pages to cache in memory for instant
return without downloading again. 

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