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Thu May 25 15:18:57 EDT 2000

-----Original Message-----	I'm not sure that numbering links and/or firm
fields is especially useful.  Having lynx set to show the cursor as its
default behavior would be handy, although this setting is easy enough to
change locally.  I'd like to see the default editor set up to joe or jpico.
Is it possible to have lynx set up to send email from the address you
specify rather than from <username>@localhost?  I have yet to get lynx to
send mail from the address I specify when using 'sendmail' links.  Can you
include, in the next distribution, support for ssl 2 and ssl3?

In the new distribution of Zipspeak, I'd like to see pine and pico included.
Many of our users are probably familiar with these tools from their use of
'shell accounts'.
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Subject: Speech-friendly Lynx configuration

I'm working on the next version of the ZipSpeak distribution, and I
would like to include a modified Lynx configuration file that makes
Lynx more speech-friendly.  I will definitely modify it so that the
cursor is next to the currently selected link, instead of being in the
bottom-right corner of the screen.  However, there are some other
things I want some input on.

Should links be numbered?  Should form fields be numbered?

Does color matter at all?  I'm guessing it doesn't, except for people
with low vision who may be using speech as well.

Should I set the user level to advanced so that Lynx doesn't put
instructions on the last two lines of the screen?  The .lynxrc file on
the Blinux site does this, but I'm wondering if that would be a
disadvantage for people who are not only new Linux users but new Lynx
users as well.

Have I forgotten anything?

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