older apollo2 does not talk

Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Tue Jun 13 15:44:59 EDT 2000

Hi Roman: First of all, According to the Apollo 2A documentation, you
should be able to do @? (at question) to get the Apollo to say its
version and ROM.

I am curious about the timeout messages you saw.  The one I think you
may have seen says Apollo: timed out.  If that's true then it means
the uart holding register is not getting cleared fast enough.  There
is a #define near the top of the speakup_apollo.c driver for the
constant SPK_XMITR_TIMEOUT.  The default value currently is one
million; I recomend you set it to two million just for grins.  That
will double how long the driver will wait for the holding register to
be cleared.



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