Moose Jaw!?

A. R. M. ali at
Thu Jun 20 13:16:10 EDT 2002

Jean Chretien is making an official state visit to Moose Jaw.   All
the locals are quite excited to have the Prime Minister come to their town
for the first time ever, and they've prepared quite a welcome for him.
When he steps off of the plane, everyone is quite taken aback to see
the P.M., while dressed otherwise quite normally, looking especially
resplendent in a magnificent fox hat - like a Daniel Boone coonskin, only
made of fox. The cameras are clicking away as he steps off the plane.
After the official greetings are over, and the mayor of Moose Jaw
has a private moment with the P.M. away from the cameras and onlookers, he
finally unleashes his curiosity, "Excuse me, Mr. Prime Minister, but I must
ask. I have never seen you wearing this magnificent fox hat before, and I
wonder why you chose to wear it to our humble town?"
The P.M. replies: "Well, monsieur mayor, eh, 'dat is quite simple,
you see. When I was leaving da 'ouse dis morning, I said to my wife, Aline,
I said, 'Aline, I am going to Moose Jaw for dah firs' time today! Do you
thank I should wear uh anythang speshal in honour of dis inaugural visit?'
And Aline, my wife, she said to me: 'Moose Jaw?? Where da fock's 'at?'"

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