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A. R. M. ali at
Tue Jan 22 13:30:54 EST 2002

The annual "Stella" award for the most ridiculous lawsuit:

*Carl Truman, of Los Angeles, won $74,000 and medical expenses from a
neighbor who drove his car over Truman's hand. Truman was lying on the
ground, out of sight, stealing the hubcaps.

*Burglar Terrence Dickson, from Pennsylvania, lived for eight days on Pepsi
and dry dog biscuits after a faulty electric door trapped him in the garage
of the home he had just robbed. The homeowner was ordered to pay $500,000
for Dickson's mental anguish.

*A Philadelphia restaurant had to pay $113,500 to Amber Carson after she
injured herself by slipping on a can she had thrown on the floor during an
argument with her boyfriend.

And, la piece de la resistance...

*Kara Walton, of Delaware, won $12,000 and dental expenses from a nightclub
after falling from a bathroom window. The accident happened as she was
trying to climb through the window to avoid paying the $3.50 entrance fee.

... only in the States!

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