speakup and frame buffer?

John G Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Wed Jun 22 16:06:23 EDT 2016

I now think my problem must be with the speakup_ltlk module. I compiled 
a kernel with the "return null" line commented out. So the speakup_ltlk 
module loads. And it even works sometimes. I'm not sure what I did to 
make it work for a while there. Mostly I just get silence from the 
hardware speech synth. Sometimes it speaks random characters.

On 06/22/2016 02:28 PM, Gregory Nowak wrote:
> I sent my suggestion before I saw this. To answer your question, if a
> machine has a physical video card, speakup will work very happily
> without a framebuffer. However, if there is no physical video card,
> and something needs to read the contents of a screen, then a
> framebuffer is the way to do that as far as I know. Do you have
> speakup in the kernel itself, or as modules? If as modules, then are
> they being loaded in something like modprobe.d, or later on in
> something like rc.local? If they're being loaded earlier, then the
> framebuffer may not be available yet. I seem to recall the framebuffer
> comes up rather late in dmesg.
> Greg
> On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 01:40:59PM -0500, John G Heim wrote:
>> Does anybody know if speakup needs a frame buffer? I'm trying to get
>> speakup working on a machine w/o a video card. It sort of works. I
>> was taking shots at what the problem was. I installed a package
>> named xvfb hoping to create a virtual frame buffer. That didn't work
>> but when I uninstalled it, I got speech until I rebooted.  Then no
>> speech again. I am thinking removing the package, xvfb, recreated
>> some frame buffer thing which lasted until I rebooted.
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