Extended ASCII Characters

Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Tue Apr 16 18:15:30 EDT 2013

For the most part, mutt works pretty well around this except for when
you see secondary messages in a thread.  A more obvious example would
be in the Goto URL dialog and other forms in elinks and some of the
dialog based scripts that put up box line characters.  What I'm seeing
is 3 characters in the place a single ASCII line drawing character
would have been.  Another strange thing I noticed over this weekend is
my other Linux box at my permenant home puts a single null character
in the place of these line drawing characters on those dialogues and
that machine also is using the same locale.gen file with UTF8 and
ISO8859-1 or whatever it is for standard US English.  I can't think of
other differences that would cause the bahavior not to be the same
unless something is set differently in elinks.  I didn't spend
additional time on that box to see what else was going on; had speech
dispatcher and other things to deal with at the time.

On 4/11/13, Gregory Nowak <greg at gregn.net> wrote:
> Ok, I think I'm seeing what you're talking about when dealing with
> dialogues when running dpkg-configure (and a few other infrequent
> progs I don't recall right now), but I'm not seeing them in
> mutt/less/lynx the cat (which I believe are using ncurses). I'm using
> UTF-8 here too. I guess this hasn't been bad enough to bother me, so I
> never searched for a solution. I realize this probably doesn't help
> you much. I figured I'd respond though, since nobody else has done
> that so far, and you are clearly getting very frustrated, and with
> good reason. I wish I could help more!
> Greg
> On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 08:52:56PM -0700, Steve Holmes wrote:
>> I'm asking again about these extended characters with speakup.  I'm
>> using UTF-8 character set and every place there would be a normal
>> character to represent something like the boarder of a box in a dialog
>> or the corner of a box or whatever, I'm getting 3 characters for each
>> occurence and they are these ungoddly pronunciations and changing
>> punctuation does not keep them from being spoken.  So far, I think the
>> only way I've been able to stop this junk is to change locale.gen to
>> not include utf-8 but when I do that, it breaks a bunch of other
>> things including speech dispatcher.
>> Doesn't anyone else experience these funny characters? I really need
>> to eliminate these as it is making it nearly impossible to use a lot
>> of ncurses apps.
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