ubuntu 12.10 / 13.04 and speakup

Dietmar Segbert dietmarsegbert at gmx.de
Fri Apr 12 13:18:00 EDT 2013

Hello List,

i have a new subnotebook from lenovo, a thinkpad edge e130. On this  
subnotebook is windows 8 installed. I must change the partitions on the  
harddisk to install a second windows 7 and for all a linux system with  
speakup and brltty.
In the moment i use a debian squeeze on a Asus eePC 1005H.
I must use a 64bit linux, because the thinkpad edge has a uefi bios and  
windows 8 will use secure boot.

My question is:

Can i use textconsoles with speakup under ubuntu 12.10 or 13.04 or shall i  
use a debian wheezy with speakup?

Thanks for your help.



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