Dumb post to the Stargardts Facebook group

Hart Larry chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Tue Apr 9 16:34:38 EDT 2013

Well, I know in advance my comments are an alternative.  First, when this 
thread began, I figured it was off-topic and Kirk would probably put an end to 
it.  On another hand, as American English spelling is not a consistant science, 
it would seem unlikely to just memerize thousands of spellings.
Sure when I was younger, Braille was nearly an only way to read, but in the 
late50s I was quite interested in Baseball and the Space Program, but mostly it 
were text books which were available.  I was never a good or comfortable 
Braille reader.  About a only time I read outloud is at our anual Pass Over 
I know there are both sighted-and-blind folks who are phonatical about 
spelling-and-punctuation.  I look at especially spelling-and-moreover typing as 
a way to convey ideas-and-concepts.  I know it drives some crazy if I use a 
number in the middle of a word.
Growing up with Braille also teaches bad habbits in typing.  For example, when 
I would type an amount of money, I would type symbols of "dollar sign""number 
sign" followed by an amount.
As an unconventional, I really like having dashes separating some words, I 
guess because I don't really like dead-air  and so a dash would symbolicly keep 
sound alive.
In conclusion, since many of us are not always writing executive business 
letters, we're symply conveying opinions-and-information.  Sure getting a wrong 
letter in an url, well, thats important.  As a strictly speech listener, I try 
when I can to hear as little punctuation as I can.  I think when I've tried 
spelling checkers in Pine, they were harder to navigate.
Thanks for listening.

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