speech-dispatcher and espeak

Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Fri Feb 25 01:46:38 EST 2011

Hey, there is an error in your message below.  The
default-sample-method is being flagged as an invalid option in
pulseaudio when I attempt to start pulseaudio.  Actually, this option
never existed in the daemon.conf file to begin with.  I thought I
would add it to the file but no joy.  The only sample-method anything
in the file was a resample-method so I thought I would try that one
and just add the suggested value from your message here and I didn't
get any errors but the sound from speech dispatcher is still horribly
distorted.  Frankly, it is unusable in this condition.  I did change
the default-fragments to 5 and uncommented but at this point, I can't
get speech-dispatcher to sound any better than this; it's really
terrible.  Now when I use mplayer from a console to play music, that
seems to sound OK.  So I don't know what speechd's problem is.  I got
the distortion when I tried both the espeak and the swift-generic
modules.  If I run swift outside of speech-dispatcher, it sounds
great.  So it makes me wonder if speech dispatcher is fucking up some

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 04:08:50PM -0500, Kyle wrote:
> I installed Lightspark from AUR so I could get Youtube and other
> similar things in the browser. Installing Lightspark pulled in
> Pulse. I only replaced the AudioOutputMethod directive in
> .speech-dispatcher/conf/speechd.conf to use pulse and noticed the
> distortion after I restarted speech-dispatcher, at which point I
> found and changed the settings I reported earlier. I have just
> installed the pulseaudio-gnome group as I write this message, which
> replaced gnome-media and gnome-settings-daemon, as well as pulling
> in a couple of additional pulse packages. I'll look at my volume
> control options, and I'll probably need to log out and back in, but
> I'll report my result. As for speech-dispatcher, once I changed the
> settings in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf and restarted speech-dispatcher,
> everything started working perfectly.
> ~Kyle
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