speech-dispatcher and espeak

Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 16:08:50 EST 2011

I installed Lightspark from AUR so I could get Youtube and other similar 
things in the browser. Installing Lightspark pulled in Pulse. I only 
replaced the AudioOutputMethod directive in 
.speech-dispatcher/conf/speechd.conf to use pulse and noticed the 
distortion after I restarted speech-dispatcher, at which point I found 
and changed the settings I reported earlier. I have just installed the 
pulseaudio-gnome group as I write this message, which replaced 
gnome-media and gnome-settings-daemon, as well as pulling in a couple of 
additional pulse packages. I'll look at my volume control options, and 
I'll probably need to log out and back in, but I'll report my result. As 
for speech-dispatcher, once I changed the settings in 
/etc/pulse/daemon.conf and restarted speech-dispatcher, everything 
started working perfectly.

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