ot, wrn.org

Chris Brannon cmbrannon79 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 18:13:56 EDT 2009

Gregory Nowak wrote:
> Chris has written
> to me privately saying that there is a ftp site, but it doesn't accept
> anonymous logins. Chris suspects that you could log into it if you
> registered for an account, but to do that, he says you have to answer
> a captcha. Chris, it sounds like more people besides just me are
> interested, so you might want to post the ftp info to the list,

Yes, there's an ftp server reachable at wrn.org.  If you telnet to port 21,
you'll see the "220" banner about 30 seconds after the connection is
established. The delay gives me cause to suspect that people 
are downloading from that ftp site.
Anonymous logins aren't allowed.  If I could handle captcha, I'd play
with it, but I can't.

-- Chris

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