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On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 06:39:46AM -0800, Tony Baechler wrote:
> Actually, it's very odd that you happen to mention this because I just  
> looked at their site and came to the same conclusions as you. I got  
> nowhere at all with Firefox 3.5, but I found the radio buttons with IE6.  
> Surprisingly, I got the best overall results with Lynx, but neither Lynx  
> nor IE6 would actually let me download anything. If you find a trick, I  
> would be very interested. I really wish they still offered plain old  
> ftp, it made things much easier. They do offer a rebroadcast service, so  
> I suspect that the content is still easily downloadable, but I don't  
> know where.

Yeah, I was surprised to find the site was browseable with lynx the
cat, but as you said, downloading is still a no-go. Chris has written
to me privately saying that there is a ftp site, but it doesn't accept
anonymous logins. Chris suspects that you could log into it if you
registered for an account, but to do that, he says you have to answer
a captcha. Chris, it sounds like more people besides just me are
interested, so you might want to post the ftp info to the list,
instead of just sending it to me privately, but do what you think

Hart has also written to me privately, expressing disappointment with
their site. That makes 3 of us who aren't happy campers. I'm still
going to give them feedback, once I've put together a list of urls for
them to browse through, but I don't know how much of a difference an
e-mail from 1 blind guy will make. So, if you're unhappy with wrn.org
at the moment, I'd suggest that you voice your displeasure to them as
well. If more people write in with complaints of inaccessibility,
they're more likely to sit up, and take note.


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