clipboard integration -- possible security implications

Jason White jason at
Wed Oct 21 23:05:35 EDT 2009

Gregory Nowak  <speakup at> wrote:

>I would like to add my voice in support of this line of thought. Yes,
>most systems out there with speakup probably are single user home
>systems. However, I still think it should be borne in mind that
>linux-based systems have multiuser abilities by nature, so I
>personally wouldn't want to see assumptions made in speakup's
>development which rely on the fact that speakup runs on single user
>systems only. 

I agree. Furthermore, flawed designs in relation to security aren't going to
be welcome in distributions or in the mainline kernel. I can't remember what
the issues were, but I do recall that security problems were cited as a reason
for keeping SpeakUp out of Debian kernels for quite a while.

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