Wireless card suggestions

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Fri Oct 9 01:33:11 EDT 2009

Tony Baechler  <speakup at braille.uwo.ca> wrote:
>I now have a Linksys WRT54 wireless router with two PCs hooked directly to
>it.  Question is:  do you have any idea if most usb wireless cards will
>work with linux/and/or windows, or is there some recommended wireless
>device such as pci card?  

Most people seem to be recommending cards that use Atheros chips, which are
supported in Linux by the manufacturer. Intel wireless hardware is also well
supported, but as far as I know, it comes mostly integrated into systems
(e.g., laptops) rather than as a card.

as for Linux distributions, GRML would be a good start: it's a live CD that a
new user can try without having to install, and it includes Speakup and BRLTTY
by default. It would be my first preference for anyone who wants to boot Linux
on a machine, get straight to a shell prompt and experiment.

I don't know what the mailing list policy is, but if this is off-topic it
might be a good idea to move the discussion to private e-mail.

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