Wireless card suggestions

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Thu Oct 8 05:36:52 EDT 2009

Hi all,
I got the below question from someone and am hoping the list can help.  Also, suggestions on what Linux distro to give him would be appreciated.  He currently knnows nothing about Linux and has migrated from DOS to XP.  He doesn't want X.  I was thinkking grml but I'm still having problems with Speakup not always working.  I don't know whhat synthesizer he has.  The problem with Ubuntu or Vinux is that they require X.  Several of his machines still run Dos or Windows 98.  I reeally don't know anything about wireless, so I would appreciate any pointers.  Thanks very much.

I now have a Linksys WRT54 wireless router with two PCs hooked directly to
it.  Question is:  do you have any idea if most usb wireless cards will
work with linux/and/or windows, or is there some recommended wireless
device such as pci card?  I have never used wireless before and have heard
it is best to securely encrypt my wireless using encryption.  Any comments
or suggestions appreciated.

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