archlinux cd broken?

Chris Brannon cmbrannon79 at
Fri Oct 2 13:51:51 EDT 2009

Farhan wrote:
> Hello, on making a bootable thumbdrive, and trying to boot the talking
> arch install cd referenced on the arch wiki this is 2009.09, I have no
> speakup support.
> This could be also that I don't have sound, i'm not sure, as I am
> booting this on a asus eeepc1000he netbook.

It boots over here.
The problem could be that you are trying to write an ISO image to a
thumb-drive.  The official ArchLinux installation media is provided in
two formats: one for CDs and one for USB devices.  Unfortunately, I don't
provide the USB images right now, because I have not
enabled USB booting on any of my machines.  I.E., I can't test them.
I would be happy to make a USB image for you, if you are willing to test it.

-- Chris
PS. Feel free to contact me off-list about TalkingArch if you wish.

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