speakup 3.0.4 is out

Chris Brannon cmbrannon at cox.net
Sun May 31 21:33:09 EDT 2009

Adam Myrow wrote:
> They look the same to me.
> The contents of caps_start before "speakupconf load."
> "[:dv ap 200]"
> The contents of caps_stop before "speakupconf load."
> "[:dv ap 100]"
> After "speakupconf load," the caps_start contents are still the same.
> "[:dv ap 200"
> The same goes for caps_stop.
> "[:dv ap 100"

The second contents are missing a right bracket before the closing quote
in both  cases.
So they aren't the same, unless perhaps, you typed them and forgot the
closing brackets.
Still, I can't see where the closing brackets would have gone.

-- Chris

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