speakup 3.0.4 is out

Tyler Littlefield tyler at tysdomain.com
Sun May 31 11:59:40 EDT 2009

Is there any way I can help out with speakup? I'd like to start contributing 

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> All,
> I would like to announce the release of speakup 3.0.4.
> This includes Chris Brannon's fixes for the sys file parameters, so
> speakupconf should work correctly now.  Thanks, Chris, for this fix.
> Also it includes a fix for the long-standing issue of slow
> responsiveness to the reading commands such as read full screen.  I am
> thinking this fix will also take care of the issue of some hardware
> synthesizers randomly timing out.  The issue was that we were not
> commanding the synthesizer to speak text being sent to it as often as we
> should have.
> If you are using the speakup git repository, this release is available
> now.  Just use git pull to retrieve it and do the installation from
> there.  Otherwise, it will be available on your distribution as soon as
> the maintainers can package it.
> If you have any questions, issues, or patches, please report them here,
> and we will fix them as soon as we can.
> Thanks,
> William
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