speakup 3.0.4 is out

Adam Myrow myrowa at bellsouth.net
Sun May 31 20:08:39 EDT 2009

I found a nasty bug right off with speakupconf.  It still doesn't work 
quite right, at least with the Dectalk USB in RS232 mode.  All you have to 
do to see it in action is do "speakupconf save" followed by "speakupconf 
load."  After that, no uppercase characters will be echoed.  That is, you 
will get silence when typing any uppercase character, or going over it in 
review mode.  Also, the bug involving slowness with the Dectalk still 
exists.  To reproduce it, simply echo something to the serial port that 
the Dectalk is on.  You will get an I/O error, and the shell will hang 
until you hit control-c.  Also, the Dectalk will now respond very slowly, 
taking about 5 seconds to speak after any keystroke.  I originally noticed 
this because of the HAL daemon, (hald.)  Apparently, it opens serial ports 
during its initial startup.  I had to disable it in order to avoid this 
bug.  So, for me, this new Speakup didn't fix anything.

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